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August 02, 2009



Just saw your blog for the first time thru No Hands But Ours.

I have two bio kids who had eczema and food allergies when they were younger.
I have formed a group Eczema Parents Circle at yahoo groups, and you are welcome to join for support if you wish.

It can be very frustrating figuring out what to do to relieve the itch.


Our son has this too. We are due to see the dermatologist in October. Hopefully she'll have something new to try. Post to the blog if you find a cure! :)

Tonggu Momma

We struggled with this SO MUCH our first two years home. It is so very frustrating, isn't it? So many different triggers, so many different treatments. Sigh. The Tongginator's is finally *mostly* under control now, but it was all trial and error to get to this point. I hope the doctor can help.

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