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My worst hair mistake was having my hair cut too short to put in a ponytail. I WENT CRAZY WITH IT IN MY FACE OMG!

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I once cut my own hair--as an adult. It was one of the sadder hair cuts I've ever seen. One side was unintentionally longer than the other a la Kate Goseelin. It was all gapped up. I even attempted to put layers in it. So my homemade haircut was the worst hair mistake I ever made. Well, besides the time that I dyed my hair red in high school and it turned purple. So I had to pay $500 to get it fixed, and by fixed, I mean dyed black when I have naturally medium brown hair. Honestly, I have an abundance of hair mistakes.

These are funny. I have a ridiculous lot of bad hair stories. I grew up in the late 80s, and had one horrible perm that made my bangs stand straight up, and broke off some of the rest, leaving me looking like a poodle/goat love child. I overdyed my hair to a blonde-ghost crisp. I cut my own bangs crooked the day of a job interview. I had an updo that looked like a basket at a friend's wedding. Really, there have been a lot!

Yeah, I did the poodle perm in fifth grade, and that didn't work out so well. Then when I was 14, I dyed my hair pitch black (from white blonde) for Halloween without realizing I was using PERMANENT coloring! That was a mistake I never made again!

The worst hair mistake I ever made was when I was about 20 and I wanted RED hightlights!!! I did it at home and I looked like Tony the Tiger!!! My 8 year old Niece said "Auntie.. YOU look so Cool!!!" OMGOSH!!! I knew right then and there it was AWFUL!!!! I just let it grow out and never pulled a stunt like that AGAIN! Live and learn! Stupid me!

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The worst hair mistake I made I will never forget. I wanted the same haircut my friend had in grade school. The women gave me a cut she called the "Chelsea", but I was made fun of for looking like a boy! I was miserable. :)


I got a cut and perm. They cut my hair too short and then burnt it when they permed it. I was in tears for days.

One of my worst hair days was when I got my first perm. The stylist didn't tell me I shouldn't wash or brush it for 24 hours...well, I did and it turned into a frizzy nightmare.
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The worst hair mistake I made is coloring my hair the wrong color hehe

Blogged :)

My worst mistake was getting in over my head in a highlight habit that I could not afford to keep up. I also have fine hair and was told that highlights would add some body.

worst mistake ever.. spent years and $$$$$ fixing my hair

I once dyed my hair with a cheap (and I mean cheeeeaaapppp) blonde hair dye from the store. NOT a good idea. My head wasn't pleased, I wasn't pleased and my mom definately wasn't pleased!


Remember Sun-in? You would spray it on and go out into the sun and your hair would lighten. Well I tried it and it was great, for a while. I have brown hair and it started trning my hair a little auburn. It looked good but I got crazy and started using it all the time. Well as time went on, part of my hair started turning blonde so I had brown, red and blonde hair on top where I had oversprayed. I looked horrible. I finally had to color my hair back to brown.


I made the mistake of getting a "body wave" on my already curly/wavy hair int he late 80s. SO BAD!

The worst mistake I ever made was letting skin moisturizer get in my hair and then not taking the time to shampoo to remove the residue....grease city.

My hair is fine and thin. The worst mistake I made was simply longing for 'big hair' for unless you get a wig, you just can't get there with fine hair. I've used Pantene products and really like the way my hair looks


I think my worse hair mistake was to get it frosted. At the time I had very dark hair and it was frosted white blond. I looked like a skunk.

Oh my, definitely trying to highlight my own hair!
I couldn't see in the back where to pull the hair out.
It came out so thick in some places and thin in the others.
I still shudder thinking about it!

My Worse hair Mistake had to of been when I let the beautician cut my hair while I wasn't lookin in the Mirror. You can explain all day long and show pictures of how you would like to have your hair look but if your not paying attention you could walk out with a GUY cut! Uuugh always Watch.

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