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July 26, 2012



Wow...this is sad. I remember our Shadow when he passed it was such a sad time for me and my wife. Our son was only 2 at the time and he was sad too. but now he is 12 and really doesnt remember. My wife and I had him for almost 12 years and he was sweetest playful cat ever. I feel your pain and hope that you are ayour family are doing well. Thinking of you in Pa


I'm so sorry. Your story brings tears to my eyes. You see, *I* had the best cat, ever, too! 12 years we had her. But in the end, she was falling apart, too. I made the huge decision to have her put down, we me right there, bawling my eyes out. Came home, still bawling. My then 3 year old watched me crying. Couldn't stop. She's 11 now, and still remembers all that crying.

Our furballs mean so much to us. Take care of your furball and take care of yourself. It's so hard.

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