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June 29, 2009



I am so tired of them putting Jon down about his mistakes. It is mostly Kate's fault. He loved her and she was always kicking him down and abusing him emotionally. Why is it that they understand why woman don't leave when their husbands abuse them. Jon stayed also for 10 years. When he finally got out, I think he was just looking for someone to treat him like he was actually somebody and not just crap on the bottom of their shoes. I watched the shows for quite awhile until I couldn't take her any longer. He was a big help to her and it was just never enough for her or good enough for her. She is a nobody bitch and a celebrity wanna be who has no talent except she plays the worlds best bitch! Although she is not playing. The Glassman bitch should also be ashamed of herself for saying things about the size of Jon's manhood. It seems to have been good enough for her for sometime until he dumped her ass. He seems to have fallen into a trap of bitches. Good luck next time Jon!


Kate Gosselin is a b**ch and I hate everything about her. This video is just one more reason for people to send her hate mail.

The one thing I am relieved to see is that the little kids still seem to have smiles on their faces.


Why in heaven's name wouldn't she simply have them pass the water bottle around? Know it's not the most "germ-free" option, but seriously, as a mom of only one set of multiples, we ALWAYS pass things around...ate off the same spoon...they exchanged pacis, etc.

I don't typically like to make "judgments" about others' mothering, but to take a big swig herself amidst the declarations of thirst and then act as though it was other peoples responsibility to "get some waters in here for you all"...ugh. :(

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