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May 07, 2009



I am so impressed with technology and the advancement of science. Good luck to you and your daughter. It's amazing that you found the right person to give her the prosthetic that can help give your daughter a better future.

The Gang's All Here!

It's been a long time since I've been by here - "found" you again from NHBO blog. Did I know your little girl also has microtia? Our Li'l Empress came home in Sept. from China and we were just recently told that she will not be a candidate for BAHA, as the bone behind her ear is not fully formed or dense enough. But her hearing in the left ear is exceptional and our ENT and audiologist feel quite confident that she ought to be able to continue with her great speech and language development in the coming years. She's only 22 months old right now, so decisions about any surgeries, elective or not, are way off for us. I'm excited to follow the progress in the field over the coming years.


Thanks so much for posting. I'm so sorry to hear your husband has endured so much for so little reward. I've seen way too many stories like your husband's...and I wasn't even impressed with the results from "successful" surgeries. He should definitely look into it...Here's Bob Barron's site: http://www.prosthesis.com/. He's done some really amazing things for adults who have had unsuccessful surgeries.


The prosthetic is the way to go! I love the idea that "M" will be crafting the ear for your daughter. How cool! Maybe I can convince my husband to see Mr. Barron, too. He was born with the same condition over 40 years ago. He endured two surgeries in his teens. The first was unsuccessful and the results of the second surgery are far from what you would expect for all he went through. He has multiple scars. They took two ribs, several skin graphs from his inner arms and thighs and pulled a flap of skin from along his skull. The ear is hard and flat and doesn't look like an ear at all. I'm sure today's techniques are much more advanced but by going with the prosthetic now you will give your daughter many more options in the future. Good luck!

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